Mon portfolio, en construction, je le remplirai au fur et à mesure, tout d'un coup c'est trop long. Du récent, des vieilleries surtout, après tout c'est un vide-grenier, hein. L'occasion de sortir sur le trottoir ce qui prend la poussière...
My portfolio, under construction, I'll update it sometimes, it's too long to update everything at once. New things, mainly old, it's a yard sale after all, the opportunity to bring out on the pavement dusty things...

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Fund raise for Japan

Following Dice Tsutsumi's example, I'm selling some original drawings to try to raise funds to do my part to help the Japanese people.

These drawings are from the comic I did a few years back for the "Rendez-vous" book. I know people liked it so I thought some of you might want to buy some originals.
All the money I will raise will go to Give2Asia for Japan.

Please note they are raw drawings, the ones that were scanned to make the final comic pages. So there are the orange rough beneath the pencil cleanup. They all are on regular copy paper, were not made to be sold or seen, so nothing too fancy. I've scanned them without toushing them, so you see what you get. The sizes are approximate.
I will sign them for you.

Some rules:
-Please email me if you're interested (my email is on the blog).
-It's first come, first served. I'll put a RESERVED status on the post until I get the money, then I'll put a SOLD status.
-Please give the number of the drawing you want and your adress.
-I'll then give you my Paypal adress.
-I'd prefer to get pounds on Paypal, to avoid different currencies change problems. Much clear.
-I will pay for shipping.
-Once you have paid, please be patient, I'll do my best to send it fast to you. You have my word.
-I will stop selling them on the 31st of March.

I hope this will be successful, With your help, I can raise £710.


1. 28x11cm, £120 ($195,€140) The character on the right is taped on the drawing. SOLD
2. 21x17cm, £120 ($195,€140)
3. 17x13cm, £90 ($145,€103)-SOLD
4. 12x11cm, £90 ($145,€103)
5. 08x15cm, £90 ($145,€103) SOLD

6. 15x16cm, £100 ($160,115) SOLD
7. 23x16cm, £100 ($160,115) SOLD